Watch the official music video for "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston Listen to Whitney Houston: Watch more Whitney Houston videos: Subscribe to the official Whitney Houston YouTube channel: Follow Whitney Houston: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Spotify: YouTube: Lyrics: I don't know why I like it I just do I've been hearing your heartbeat inside of me I keep your photograph beside my bed Livin' in a world of fantasies I can't get you out of my head I've been waiting for the phone to ring all night Why you wanna make me feel so good I got a love of my own baby I shouldn't get so hung up on you Oh I remember the way that we touch I wish I didn't like it so much Oh I get so emotional baby Every time I think of you I get so emotional baby Ain't it shocking what love can do Ain't it shocking what love can do Ain't it shocking what love can do #WhitneyHouston #SoEmotional #OfficialMusicVideo

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