Ever since a video of Future Islands' thrilling performance on The Late Show With David Letterman went viral in March, the band has become one of the year's most exciting live acts, largely for the memorable and inimitable dance moves of frontman Samuel Herring. Herring's unaffected fashion style, sensible haircut and no-nonsense manners have led some to call him a "normcore" singer — an exceedingly normal artist. But his performances, and the often heartbreaking but bold songs he sings, are anything but conventional or staid. The band performed live at Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club on Thursday, May 1, as part of an NPR Music live video webstream.--ROBIN HILTON SET LIST "Back In The Tall Grass" - 2:15 "Sun In The Morning" - 7:05 "Balance" - 11:23 "Before The Bridge" - 15:40 "A Dream Of You And Me" - 20:40 "Doves" - 24:49 "A Song For Our Grandfathers" - 28:25 "Lighthouse" - 33:25 "Seasons (Waiting On You)" - 38:40 "Spirit" - 44:13 "Walking Through That Door " - 50:00 "Long Flight" - 55:00 "Tin Man" - 1:03:30 "Old Friend" - 1:07:05 "Vireo's Eye" - 1:10:30 "Little Dreamer" - 1:15:00 CREDITS Producers: Mito Habe-Evans, Robin Hilton; Videographers: Olivia Merrion, Christopher Parks, Maggie Starbard; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Host: Bob Boilen; Special Thanks: 9:30 Club; Executive Producer: Anya Grundmann

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