This is Eurielle's Cover of Tom Adams' gorgeous song - 'Fade', which comes from his EP, 'Voyages by Starlight'. You can purchase and stream this cover from any of the stores below, but please buy from Loudr if you can as they give me bar far the best cut of the sales ;) : ‪Loudr‬: ‪‎iTunes‬: ‪Amazon‬(.com): Amazon( ‪‎GooglePlay‬: ‪Spotify‬: spotify:album:6IjOJez39bVaeDj09J9BF0 Image credit for this video: Odi Caspi (Photograph of Eurielle) Odi's website: For more music by Eurielle, please have a listen to her debut album, 'Arcadia', available from all the following stores - Digital: CD Baby: iTunes: Google Play: Spotify: CDs: Amazon: CD Baby: Download a FREE SONG by Eurielle by subscribing to her mailing list here: Please remember to like, share, comment and subscribe, all of which can be done easily from this page! To see more covers by Eurielle like this one, please click here: Watch more videos (with Eurielle's own original songs) by clicking here: Eurielle is a fascinating new artist whose music redefines the Crossover Genre. Drawing influence from myth, legend, and fantasy, as well as our own human nature, her music will transport you into another world... For more information, please visit Follow Eurielle on Twitter here: Like Eurielle on Facebook here: Follow Eurielle on SoundCloud here: Subscribe to Eurielle's YouTube Channel by clicking on the subscribe button above or within the video itself.

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