As requested by DroxyallHD here's my cover of Song of Durin by Eurielle, inspired by the Hobbit films! If you like the song I hope you'll subscribe and leave a like! Also, write a comment and tell me if you too still go to Middle-Earth. C O N N E C T twitch: patreon: instagram: twitter: facebook: Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! A B O U T I'm Joy, previously known as johannajoins! A variety streamer and singer from Sweden! I love water, space and auroras. You can find me live three times every week on Twitch and I upload every Wednesday on Youtube! Camerawoman: Lovi ( Music, edits and produced by: Joy Aileen 'Song Of Durin' - Original Lyrics by Eurielle. A King there was on throne engraved, In great halls of colonnades, With roof of gold and argent floor, And mighty runes along the door. The brightest light of moon and star In crystal lamps shines through the dark, Unshadowed by the veil of night They burned eternal shimmering white. The skies are bleak, the hills are aged, The forges flames have died away; No songs are sung, no blade is cast, In Durin's halls the evil lasts! The darkness hangs over his tomb Beneath the mountain in the gloom, But e'er the fallen stars glow freer In cool and breathless Mirrormere; There rests his crown in water clear Till Durin returns once more from sleep.

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