pop cat: pop pop pop pop pop pop pop Subscribe for cookies : https://bit.ly/3jaKM8e Instagram: https://bit.ly/3bHmyQE Support the channel: https://bit.ly/3ij900f I used Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Audacity to create this video. Video Editing Time for this video : 8 hours. Upload Time : 10 mins I spend a lot of time making this video and I hope you enjoy it. The Audio/Visual Source/s in this Video have been used in such a way as to Create a NEW UNIQE viewing experience for audiences. To tell you about my channel, I start by finding a little of everything, especially what might appeal the most to my viewers and subscribers, whether it be memes, or other things. Then I use Adobe Audition or Audacity first to modify the sound added funny sound effects to make it original and to be able to make it new, I make about 20-25 for each video. After that, I go to my editing software Adobe Premiere, to put all my sounds in, in sequence, and put them in random order. And finally to complete the video, I need the image that goes with it, which I modify with Adobe After Effects or Photomosh , to be able to animate it according to the theme of the sound. #meme #memes #popcat #popcatmouthnoise #popcatmeme #soundvariations #soundeffect #touch #touchsoundvariations Video Made by Touch.

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