Animated music video parody of the movie "JURASSIC PARK" ►MORE MOVIE PARODIES→ ►SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL→ ►JURASSIC PARK 2 LOST WORLD THE MUSICAL→ ►JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL→ ►JURASSIC WORLD THE MUSICAL→ ►FALLEN KINGDOM THE MUSICAL→ ►BEHIND THE SCENES→ ►DOWNLOAD SONG→ ►TWITTER→!/MovieMusicals ►INSTAGRAM→ ►FACEBOOK→ Movie Musicals #50: JURASSIC PARK THE MUSICAL Let's revisit the original 1993 classic film Jurassic Park in song form with our new updated animation style to finish our Jurassic musical series... at least until Jurassic World 3 comes out. John Hammond uses his InGen checkbook to convince Dr Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcom to go endorse his park filled with dangerous singing dinosaurs. The crew are joined by Hammond's grandkids and his bloodsucking toilet-bound lawyer, and must use their rap skills to try to protect them from the dinos once they get loose after greedy Dennis Nedry turns off the power, and unfortunately Robert Muldoon and Ray Arnold help little more than to feed the hungry raptors. Luckily, Rexy the T-Rex shows up in time to save the day and DJ an epic musical finale. ►Script, Instruments, Vocals & Animation: Logan Hugueny-Clark ( ►Vocals, Script, Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano ( ---------------LYRICS--------------- REXY THE TYRANNOSAURUS REX (CHORUS): Homicidal, Hungry dinos, Just survival, Hungry dinosaurs. Hungry dinosaurs! JOHN HAMMOND: Need professional testimonials to green light the park, Paleontologist, archeologist, Donald brings a rock star. A storm surges in and the mood is tense, There’s too much to lose, caused I spared no expense. ALAN GRANT: Where’s the fun in digging bones if you don’t need to dig? We need Hammond’s funds, so I’ll babysit his grandkids. The power goes out, was it something that I touched? Rexy plays with Lex and Tim. Hey! You’re being too rough. DILPHOSAURUS: Do you need roadside assistance? I’d be happy to help, My fee’s a fata** sandwich, on sourdough or spelt. I’ll fool this mofo before I spit in his face, Then surprise him in the car, didn’t even need to chase. RAPTOR/THE BIG ONE: We’ve been fed a cow, Every day 'til now. 'Cause a storm came round, And now we’re really freakin' hungry, let’s go eat some scared, clothed monkeys. CHORUS REPEATS Us dinos be hungry, Us dinos be hungry, We eatin’ all the tourists cause us dinos be hungry. (Breakdown) IAN MALCOM: These two debate lifting me, I tell them please chance it, Rexy wants dessert, after the lawyer with the shi*s. We race her down the road, in our pants we’re peein’, The is serious John, not Pirates of the Caribbean. RAY ARNOLD Look at this workstation, what a complete slob, Nedry screwed us all instead of doing his job. 2 million lines of code, hold on to your butts, Almost got this joint restarted, til a raptor cornered my a**... Man this really sucks. ROBERT MULDOON: The shutdown must have switched off all the defenses, Even Nedry knew not mess with raptor fences. I’ve got to hunt them down, while Ellie runs and twirls, But I might get tricked ‘cause Big One’s a clever girl. VELOCIRAPTOR/THE BIG ONE: They call me Big One, I’m large, smart, killing’s fun. Cornered Ray, now he’s done. You can’t make it if you run, I’ll get you even with your gun. CHORUS REPEATS ALAN GRANT: Tim gets fried like a human piece of toast, He recovers at the buffet filled with jello and rump roasts. Rexy saves us, wins over our hearts, Mr Hammond I’ve decided NOT to endorse your park. CHORUS REPEATS Us dinos be hungry, Us dinos be hungry, We eatin’ all the tourists cause us dinos be hungry. (Breakdown) X2 (c) 2019 LHUGUENY

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