Socials Instagram : @dvt.heaven Twitter : HeavenCODM Discord : Heaven#8308 DVT discord : β€” Welcome to my channel ! i am the main sniper for Divinity Uprising. I reached Rank #1 in Garena in s1,s2 & s3 and is the 2 times national champion of Singapore. I upload scrim and rank highlights regularly so make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications ! β€” FAQ Q : Do you play on a ipad or phone? A : I currently play on a iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB. I switched from ipad to phone at the start of S3. Q : What is your sensitivity/loadouts? A : Q : Can i join your clan? A : Nope sorry, my clan is invite only :) Q : What are your favourite guns? A : DLQ33,Arctic50,HBR & BK57 Q : Why don’t you do livestream? A : I am not good at interacting with audiences while playing games 😹 and i do not have the necessary equipments for it as well. Q : Where are you from? A : I am from Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Q : Can you add me? A : Nope sorry, my friend list is almost full and i only add people i am familiar with :) Q : Why am i using epic/legendary skins in scrim? A : I am on Garena so we scrim using Garena scrim rules and there are no rules against skins which is why i use it ( whats the point of buying it if u cant use it anyways πŸ˜‚ ) Like, comment & subscribe for more videos in the future !! #CODM #CODMobile #CallOfDutyMobile